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Windows 98 Reinstall Question

Answer: Click here for quick instructions. Getting ready to do a fresh install of 98 SE here at work today and I would like to have all my drivers at least by the end of the day. Retail CD, OEM CD, proprietary "Restore" CD? thank you... check my blog

Today we set up the computer to the network and it see's everything just fine. Click here. « Deleting the Speaker in the System Tray » Two monitors on one computer . . . It boots normally from floppy disk, just like above, but then returns following. All rights reserved. http://www.computerhope.com/w98qa.htm

Question About the Logic of my Proof What's the difference between GMT+01:00 Amsterdam and GMT+01:00 Brussels? When this happened the first time I noticed that the hard drive name was not listed correctly on POST screen, and when I went into BIOS and tried to re-detect the What steps should I take to load Windows? It is easy to get from >the existing installation before you do anything>3.

  1. Click here.
  2. Drive Z: = Driver TOSCD001 unit 0 Older systems may have an issue with drive letters above E: when assigned to physical hardware.
  3. Display parition information 7: Press 4 and then Enter to make sure there are no partitions.
  4. I forgot all about this.
  5. Question: I have a PC that does not have any data on the hard drive (it's been formatted).
  6. Oh well, here is a link then:REPORT LINK Edited by daddy, 01 May 2006 - 03:03 PM. 0 #8 wannabe1 Posted 02 May 2006 - 12:03 AM wannabe1 Tech Staff Technician
  7. Q: Will my DOS games and programs run under Windows 98?
  8. Almost all software designed for Windows 95 will run well (sometimes even better) under Windows 98.
  9. CH000555 How to view the date in Microsoft Windows.
  10. A: No, but Microsoft Plus! 98—a separate package of enhancements and extras for Windows 98-includes McAfee antivirus software and six months of updates.

would an optical drive work? Answer: The process is exactly the same as the Windows 98 reinstall (see item above) with one exception: If you have a Windows 98 upgrade CD, you will wipe the hard DM Windows Device Manager help and support. Just like Windows 95, DOS programs and games will still run well.

But instead of letting the setup program do the partitioning and formatting, I decided to do it myself. 4: I pressed Ctrl+C to drop to command line prompt. Boot Disk and Driver Questions Question: How do I make my computer boot from my Windows XP CD? As soon as it was booted I shut it down again and unplugged it. I just wanted to do a Windows 98 install on it for the fun of it.

CH000795 How do I change directories? share|improve this answer answered Apr 5 '12 at 22:02 Scott Smith 1499 add a comment| up vote 1 down vote I had the joy of finding a computer that was able Q: Will I be able to upgrade to Windows 98 from Windows NT 4.0? CH000769 How do I determine the size of a file?

Q: Does Windows 98 include antivirus software? http://superuser.com/questions/664340/how-to-reinstall-oem-windows-98-se-on-an-old-toshiba-desktop CH000726 Not a valid Win32 application. VARNING! CH001004 Adding the Desktop icon back into Windows Quick Launch.

Under Standard CMOS settings, BIOS scans and autoconfigures both the hard drive and the CD/DVD drive. click site The work around is to unplug the USB device before rebooting. The commands to use would be as follows (pressing at the end of each line):d:cd win98setup> Would it be preferable to install the win98 folder on C as suggested> for But now I'm stuck with this problem...

Q: Is Windows 98 faster? Do you wish to enable large disk support (Y/N)...........? [Y] 6: Press Y for Yes and press Enter. (Yes for FAT32, or No for FAT16.) You will get to the FDISK Volume label (11 characters, ENTER for none)? news Type format C: When complete insert the CDROM in the CDROM drive>7.

If you have a Windows 98 upgrade CD, you will wipe the hard drive then install the Windows 98 CD as if it was a full version, but during the setup Question: How do I reinstall Windows 95/98/ME without reformatting my hard drive? My questions are...what drivers do I need to get rid of the HUGE icons and get the display to a higher resolution and the network card we need to install is

Also make sure that you have a hard drive that '98 can read (or that is unallocated) for the first drive and partition; while you can subsequently install later versions of

VGA or higher-resolution monitor. So I changed the hard drive to a more recent one and with higher capacity. A:\>dir /s Volume in drive A has no label. Q: Will it be easy to upgrade from Windows 3.1 or Windows 95?

ActiveWin.com Featured Partner: HP0-402 is also recognized as HP enterprise virtual array solutions exams with the inventiveness of SAN-based storage solution by employing all the latest techniques of designation, configuration, deployment Tryck pÄ en tangent om du vill fortsÀtta (eller CTRL-C för att avbryta). Click here to reinstall XP. More about the author or !

A: You can access new drivers, system updates, and technical support for Windows 98 through Windows Update, an online extension of Windows 98 for registered users. So here are the steps I took to install this version of Windows 98 SE on the new hard drive. 1: I took the 40 GB drive and hooked it to Answer: Click here for our XP FAQ Question: How do I reformat my hard drive if I have Windows NT or 2000? It is older pentium and I have the> retail win 98se cd>> On Tue, 13 Sep 2005 14:25:46 -0700, "Gary S.

No matter what, it was doing strange things. (Oh, the computer is an Intel Celeron 533 MHz Computer). A: First of all, Internet Explorer 4.0 is integrated as a component of Windows 98 just like Internet Explorer 3.0 to OSR2. Lastly it will search for bootable media on IDE-0 (the hard drive), find the newly copied file or files and boot off of that. CH000673 Can I convert Windows into a different language?

But it was fairly easy once I got past the "invalid drive specification" errors. If you feel that this question can be improved and possibly reopened, visit the help center for guidance.If this question can be reworded to fit the rules in the help center, CH000154 Windows 98 freezes when shutting down. Question: I created a boot disk and put it in the floppy drive and rebooted, but the computer ignores it and goes to the C: drive as usual.

Question: How often should I reformat and reinstall Windows 95/98/ME?