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Yes No 9. Run setup from the copied folder and that's all there is to it. CH000143 Windows 95/98 MS-DOS compatibility preventing game from running. CPU Computer processor help and support. check my blog

CH000346 Dual booting information. CH000134 How to make files not go to the Recycle Bin in Windows 95 and 98. CH000283 Windows setup: Compressed volume or disk-cache utility error CH000284 Issues with Windows image thumbnails. audio virtual-machine midi windows-98 asked Dec 10 '14 at 21:29 Gustavo Pinent 66321428 -1 votes 1answer 111 views Run programs meant for Xp+ on windows 95/98? [closed] I am wondering if

Printer Computer printer help and support. CH000838 How to copy a directory or folder. How to create this pattern? For one example, webby data entry forms still pale in comparison to the user interface (not backend, mind you) of Microsoft Access and any other desktop database.I'd disagree with you there.

If not then that is when you use a boot floppy (with CDROM drivers), fdisk the drive, format /s the drive, power down the system, insert CDROM drive, boot to command CH000456 Winoldap and Winoa386.mod errors. The work around is to unplug the USB device before rebooting. CH000543 How to rename the Microsoft Windows Recycle Bin.

CH001117 Windows cannot read from source file or disk error. Mouse Computer mouse help and support. CH000211 How to restore the system.ini and win.ini. CH000769 How do I determine the size of a file?

Log In to Reply You have posted to a forum that requires a moderator to approve posts before they are publicly available. windows windows-xp windows-98 windows-95 rainmeter asked Sep 7 '14 at 7:53 swimllamaswim 1 0 votes 1answer 328 views g++ programs for windows 98 I am trying to make programs for an Windows98 is an operating system. To help you plan your year-end campaigns, we've gathered tools to help expand your donor base and turn supporters into funders.

CH001036 How do I add or remove an icon in Windows Quick Launch? https://winworldpc.com/winboards/viewtopic.php?t=8483 What to expect as a supervisor's first PhD student? CH001060 What is the Windows Desktop.ini file and can I delete it? CH000156 I've lost my unique identification number can you give me one?

After the original Plus! click site CH000157 Is it possible to use the Windows 98 upgrade for a full version? CH000368 Cannot Delete File: File System Error (1026). You shouldn't have to create your own 98 boot cd, I've never heard of anyone doing this.

CH000209 Information on long file names. CH000930 How do I determine what version of Windows I'm using? What do the release notes for the Express Migration Tool mean when they refer to "etalon"? news CH000405 The compression driver cannot be set up correctly...

CH000150 Does Windows 98 support multiple processors? javascript disabled Subscribe to RSS Close this window Search Blogs and Forums for a Post *Please enter a search term. CH000131 Enabling and disabling the password prompt for Windows 95, 98, and ME.

DM Windows Device Manager help and support.

  • Q: My Windows 98 CD is scratched and broken, how do I go about getting a new one?
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  • A: New Installation: Simply copy the win98 folder to your hard drive.

If you have a USB device plugged into your computer (Gamepads etc) then sometimes, when you shut down into DOS - Windows 98 will give you a blue screen error, that Installing Windows 98 over Windows NT will be considered as downgrading. You can spread out your work (and play) across your monitors, just as you might spread out papers across your desk. How do I copy an item that is located on the Start or on a Program menu?

Q: What are the minimum system requirements? How do I add an item located in Windows Explorer to the Start or to a Program menu? As far as I can tell I need to ... http://yellowproductions.net/windows-98/windows-98-reinstall-question.php CH000136 Adding and removing icons in Windows Control Panel.

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