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Windows 98 Doesn't Recognize Com21 Cable Modem Connecting Thru USB

In addition, the customers of the service are given(by default, others can be bought, and used) the RCA DCM105 Digital Cable Modem, without utilities disk.

3.2.8. I have no choice.. The installer told me they gave static IP addresses to people who use Windows NT and dynamic to everyone else. I got the PCI D-Link 528CT which uses the RealTek 8029 chipset, and Linux can deal with easily. check my blog

Robotics CMX cable modem. Cascading switches Share a printer E/Mail accounts Internet Connection Sharing for client comp Which way do I go?? Most cards will allow it. Not so close encounters of the TCP/IP kind! http://www.techspot.com/community/topics/cant-get-online-with-my-ethernet-card-on-windows-98.124396/

Also important thing to note is that the Ethernet card that Videotron distributes is a NE2000 compatible PCI card for which you need to use.

ne2k-pci driver

Additional information from Philip Bandwidth problem...Please help!!!!!! I hesitate to call Comcast now with all the mess they are going though. NEWBIE: logon on two pc network Windows XP networking problem URGENT HELP: SMC BARRICADE + MIRC DCC (POST HERE) Win98se Internet Connection Sharing Unrecognized access Cat 5: using 4 or 8

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  • Where eth0 is the NIC card attached to the cable modem and the 0F4F3E54A659 is the MAC that the cable modem system is expecting.

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  • Regular Cable Modem ISPs If you think you have the card recognized you have to now look at the entry for your ISP.
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  • ATT (formerly MediaOne)MediaOne Express is a Internet cable service provided by MediaOne.
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    I simply followed the DHCP mini-HOWTO and my 256Kbps connection was running at over 350Kbps!

    3.34. What do you think? I have went through the internet setup wizard, i have never dial a connection selected, and i choose " I want to setup internet connection manually, or i want to connect http://newwikipost.org/topic/DkBNFfLY8OPs4jUemrbOA7XHxRYK47hq/laptop-won-t-recognize-network-cable.html This worked.

    Additional information from Mihai Petre >:

    Yes they are using DHCP for the tcp settings.

    IP addresses assigned statically.

    3.2.4. They are running Windows 95, Windows NT (Intel and Alpha) and OS/2. You have to change your MAC-Address to the 1 that can connect. It just doesn't work My dsl modem in not detected by my dial up network Connectting to hubs for ICS ON THE VERGE OF CHUCKING IT IN THE BIN What is

    The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. http://www.duxcw.com/dcforum/DCForumID2/index.html There is no other necessary configuration. If you don't know the addresses, you can probably check with some newer Windows by ipconfig /all. Networked, but no internet on one machine.

    full duplex Home Networking Problem best way to crimp rj-45? click site The Ip setup is easy since they use DHCP so all I did was install the DHCP daemon and that was that. They provided me with a machine name of cb46597-a.mdsn1.wi.home.com, the cd46597-a obviously being my hosts name.... WIN98SE USB Cable modem help Peer-to-Peer network for W2000 New to networking Small LAN ?

    SB4100 has no Ethernet drivers, if you use the card.3)I paid for my USB100TX. Generated Sat, 18 Mar 2017 04:36:04 GMT by s_hp102 (squid/3.5.23) The /etc/sysconfig/network file specifies the default gateway for routing. http://yellowproductions.net/windows-98/win-98-se-cable-broadband-issue.php Networking and ICS Windows 2k and ME @home Router issues (file sharing) FTP SITE Crosscabling 2 win 98 pc /cable internet PROBLEMS Adding Cable Modem to a Frame Relay Network crossover

    Keystone Jack to RJ45 networking a winxp and a win98se comp. In the howto it states that the -h flag should be used for the host name with dhcpcd. In the device manager my card shows up as normal and it tells me that everything with the device is working properly, also my service is through a cable modem if

    And as you can see, USB has more than enough bandwidth for the service.

    win10 [Microsoft] by tp0d316. Insert the "Getting Started" CD that came along with the device. The last part of the URL is /remark,2440094root=comcastmode=flat ) · actions · 2002-Mar-1 10:24 pm · cha0

    cha0 Member 2002-Mar-1 10:28 pm Oops! I'd recommend asking for the PCI if you have the choice, as I know that setup can work with Linux from my experience.

    Both of these are NE2000 boards to the

    [email protected]The hardware setup consists of a cable modem produced by LanCity which plugs into an ethernet card using a 10BaseT (UTP-45) cable.

    When the cable modem is installed This requires that the user call MediaOne support if the MAC address attached to the cable modem ever changes. You will also notice that none of your internet applications seem to work, you can't ping, and you can't resolve DNS. More about the author I have two USB ports, one for a digital camera and the other is used by the adapter for the modem.

    If user does not have the CD available contact HTC Technical Support. Internet sharing on home network Error insdtalling IPX/SPX Win NT and Win 98 peer configuration Firewall and ICS a little home networking advise BNC cable Win 95 Networking Losing Internet Connection Cable Modem wiring requirement. Clone MAC Address Is a hub needed?

    I'm not sure about what needs to be done in the case of a PCI card since I don't currently have a PC which supports either PCI or PnP.

    Note from All Rights Reserved Tom's Hardware Guide ™ Ad choices Cable Modem Providers HOWTOPrevNext
    3. Incoming : ports 0-1024 blocked, but re-allocation of ports on Linux works fine.

    Pricing: Installation is 8000,- BFr (~200US$), warranty of 2000,- BFr for the cablemodem (50$). Unlimited Data Connect Plans for PDA do not include tethering capabilities and may incur additional charges.

    An RCA cable modem (model DCM205) is issued along with a SMC EZ-Card (10/100) if you don't already have a cable modem.

    Static IPs are not given, but rather assigned through ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL: Connection to failed. This service is particularly good - I consistently get 95-100KBps, or just about a 1Mbps rate. Sunflower CablevisionThis information is provided by Frank Wiles >:

    In order to get online with Sunflower all you have to do is enable DHCP.

    XP to Win98SE Networking SMC Barricade and Norton Internet Security Networking different versions of windows XP/98 Networking Problem SMC7004ABR and dial in modem problem. Home Cable Internet sharing 2 PCs thr. Sharing software over the Network SMC Barricade SMC7004ABR and mirc dcc send Another Win 98 Win 2000 Pro Networking Question CAT-5 OUTSIDE SMC Barricade Router 7004BR Problem Installing NIC card on Network Wiring Problem - HELP!

    Sharing @HOME Cable with Linksys router Protocol Speed Networking using my router Fast Ethernet Upgrade/ Hub-Switch Install Minimum Cat 5x cable length? The modem changed has not affected the ease of setting up Linux with the cable modem. Using 2 Nic cards with windows 98 Internet Explorer Script Error when printing. Shaw has been upgrading their cable network for about a year and a half now, and now offer cable-modem service to a number of locations across Canada.

    You may wish # to delete the lock file at the same time. As they have mirrors of all kinds of things (tucows, freebsd, freethemes, allmacintosh, suse,...), and a proxy, the 2 GB per week they had before, counted only for external traffic, was Login _ Social Sharing Find TechSpot on... The resolv.conf tells the computer which IP of casema.net to send DNS queries to (this is pretty standard across all unixes, I believe).

    I've forgotten to include the /etc/ppp/pap-secrets