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Windows 98 And Networking Easy Question

Installing a Peer-to-Peer Network Peer-to-Peer networks don't have computers that are dedicated servers, which everyone uses for storing files, running applications, or routing print jobs. A: NO - Windows 2000 is the next version of Windows NT and will come in many different packages. The biggest issue here that I see is that the PC could die, and then you have a big pile of very expensive junk. A: Yes. check my blog

Sharing of Disk-resources is identical to the Windows95 procedure: The Network Neighborhood is the same (except for the Web-Page/Active Desktop look) including the same error-messages as under Windows95 (while waiting for Thanks, Richard Richard lookup question 1 replies , 6/13/2005, 8:06:04 PM I have a range of cells where the first 4 columnd contain numeric data & the 5th column contains names I should be doing housework cmd file in visual studio (newbie question) 0 replies , 11/25/2003, 8:01:48 PM I have this simple cmd file which I want to run inside my View 5 Replies View Related Windows 7 Sp1 Wireless Networking? http://arstechnica.com/civis/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=684910

UAC is off on the second computer, but I get the following message when trying to make a shortcut.:"Windows cannot create the shortcut check to see if the disk is full" My advise: unless you have a good reason to use TCP/IP, loaded the NetBEUI protocol (which is very easy: NOTHING needs to be configured) and delete the TCP/IP protocol. A: No.

How can the XP server access the files without any username/password but another client running Win 7 Home is required to enter a username/password? explore about Easy question - network drivers Ok this should be easy (for ppl who know what they're doing!) I've found some missing drivers that my PC needed, now where do If you want to share the files or printer on your machine with other network members, you need to install the appropriate service. Creating your account only takes a few minutes.

I have been trying to get this formula to work, but I keep coming up with the answer 7920. Basically converts the floppy drive into a card reader. Turn on or off a variety of custom access options, including the capability to read, write, create, delete, or list files. Q: My Windows 98 CD is scratched and broken, how do I go about getting a new one?

You need several things for a network to work. According to most threads, I need to install Microsoft Loopback Adapter in Win 7 to be able to connect the VM to Win 7. About Advertising Privacy Terms Help Sitemap Join millions of IT pros like you Log in to Spiceworks Reset community password Agree to Terms of Service Connect with Or Sign up with We are working hard to find out what is causing it.

And make management aware of what needs to be done during this event. http://windows.bigresource.com/Win7-win98-networking-question-RzcdTtg2.html When Windows 98 starts, it will prompt you for a name, password, and possibly a domain name or other information. A: You can't - Internet Explorer 4 is the shell for Windows 98. Thanks for any help Scooterdog DOS question 1 replies , 12/8/2003, 2:33:29 PM I try to use the "dir" to list files.

We are looking at utilizing SBS 2008 for a min of 5yrs and I do not want to be stuck with the older version of Hyper V for all of that http://yellowproductions.net/windows-98/windows-98-networking-joy.php Q: What are the minimum system requirements? If anyone could tell me how to set this up I would be grateful. Mar 19, 2009 I've been wondering if it's at all possible to network 2 machines, 1 running Windows 7 (build 7057) and the other, Vista??

  • If you want the user or group to have full access, click the Full Access button.
  • A: Yes.
  • On the main computer, they have their main accounting program, which runs on a DOS version of Lotus Works.

Apr 6, 2009 Right. Tip You can use wildcard characters in the computer name if you are not exactly sure of the computer's name. Click the drive icon to go directly to the selected computer and folder. news Many people would like to pursue a career in technology, but lack the foundational knowledge necessary to pursue Technology Specialist or Professional certifications.

how do I create a similar formulas i tried but doesn't work =IF(G13=0,IF(I13=1,"A1-7",IF(G13=0,IF(I13=2,"A1-8",IF (G13=0,IF(I13=3,"B1-7",IF(G13=0,IF(I13=4,"B1-8",IF(G13=1,IF (I13=1,"A1-9",IF(G13=1,IF(I13=2,"A1-10",IF(G13=1,IF (I13=3,"B1-9",IF(G13=1,IF(I13=4,"B1-10",IF(G13=2,IF (I13=1,"A1-11",IF(G13=2,IF(I13=2,"A1-12",IF(G13=2,IF (I13=3,"B1-11",IF(G13=2,IF(I13=4,"B1-12",IF(G13=3,IF (I13=1,"A1-13",IF(G13=3,IF(I13=2,"A1-14",IF(G13=3,IF (I13=3,"B1-13",IF(G13=3,IF(I13=4,"B1-14",IF(G13=4,IF (I13=1,"A1-16",IF(G13=4,IF(I13=2,"A1-17",IF(G13=4,IF (I13=3,"B1-16",IF(G13=4,IF(I13=4,"B1-17","blank cell")))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Thanks >-----Original Message----- >One option is to embed To limit access to your computer resources, configure Windows 98 to share your computer only with those users to whom you grant permission. What can i do to make sure he dose not have access to my computers?

However, my wireless connection to my Linksys AP (Wireless-G broadband router WRT54G2 with up-to-date s/w) seems to be dropping and recovering on a regular basis.

If you must be able to save the file into its network location, you need to speak to the owner of that directory to obtain write access. Watch TV on one monitor while you work on another. When a drive is mapped, you no longer have to navigate through all the layers of Network Neighborhood to access commonly visited folders. I have a wired network at home and on it i have a Popcornhour media streamer.With XP as soon as the OS has loaded i can go to the Network browser

No points are deducted for incorrect answers. To limit access to your computer: 1.Click the Start button, select Settings, and then select Control Panel. 2.Click the Network icon to display the Network dialog box. Click here to join today! http://yellowproductions.net/windows-98/win95-networking.php Both have homegroup turned off, and have workgroup enabled with the same workgroup name "WORKGROUP".

View 1 Replies View Related Networking Win 7 And XP Pro Sep 21, 2009 Windows 7 on Notebook Network - wired Network and Sharing lists the following under "Network" Buffalo_NAS, can Click the Add Printer icon. 2.The Add Printer Wizard will guide you through installing the network printer. Before you can print to a network printer, however, you have to install that printer on your machine. 1.Click the Start button, select Settings, and then select Printers to open the So the Win7 system goes down and you have to set ALL that up again, or a NIC burns out.

Q: Will I be able to upgrade to Windows 98 from Windows NT 4.0? Yes, I realize that college students compared to some experienced hacker ("researcher") are not anywhere the same but if implemented properly it should be fine. I know i can do it by starting a new message and dragging the email with the newsletter in as an attachment to the new message - but then it displays Thanks, Attila Original Posting***************************** I have to do a complex lookup.

I want to network the two together so I can share external Hard Drives and such. Instead, every computer is accessible to every other computer on the network as a peer; members within the group share their resources as they choose. They can see the Win 7 machine on the network and can ping it. Advertisement Recent Posts iTunes CD Burning Just Stopped...

MTA exams are only available at academic institutions that have purchased an MTA Campus License or MTA vouchers; they are delivered in an internet-based testing platform, and the institution's educators serve Q: Will my DOS games and programs run under Windows 98? But the Windows 98 interface is more like a Web browser. If you want to delete your print job, simply select it and press the Delete key.

Click the Access Control tab 3.To enable access by user, check User-Level Access Control. Netmeeting 3.0 is already out of date - you can download Netmeeting 3.01 Final right now. A: New Installation: Simply copy the win98 folder to your hard drive. The MTA certification creates a new entry point to help those who have little practical experience get into the career field, and can be the first step towards becoming a Microsoft

Tip If you use long file names but users across your network do not have systems that support long file names (or your network doesn't support long file names), you may Edited Sep 17, 2016 at 11:54 UTC 0 Tabasco OP MulieloDan Sep 17, 2016 at 1:02 UTC I'm honestly a little surprised that no one mentioned getting a Easier connection to Novell networks, thanks to an improved NetWare client. Have you ever gone to a Web site that wasn't there--or have an email returned to sender?