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EnableRouting = 0 or 1 Specifies whether to enable static routing. I found my problem, though I still don't know why... WinSMTP seems to work fine over Ethernet and PPP. SessionKeepAlive = milliseconds Specifies how often to send session keepalive packets on active sessions. his comment is here

Most BootP servers run on UNIX. Why does my winsock.dll disappear or get renamed to winsock.old?Date: Fri, 29 Dec 1995 21:18:00 -0800 From: Rich Graves If you're using a non-Microsoft winsock.dll, then Win95 is working as The default is 1 (b-node), if no value is specified; if WINS servers are specified and NodeType is not, then the default is 8 (h-node). This little bug has caused many a problem for people who innocently put the name of a server they want to reach into the DNS hostname field. learn this here now

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Why are some remote sites unreachable (TTL bug)? To rectify the problem do the following: 1) Start up REGEDIT.EXE - The registry editor 2) Go to key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer 3) You will should see two lines displayed in the Can't mount servers by IP address.

C.17. Most non-Microsoft DHCP servers support BootP. There is no dedicated file server controlling the network. Windows 98 Network Settings Netscape Packet Storm Bugs.

The default is 137. Windows 98 Network Share The "NameSrvQueryTimeout" in the Registry, which some people have pointed out, seems only to apply to Microsoft's proprietary WINS service, not Internet standard DNS. MTU and RWIN are hidden in two different places in the Registry. http://www.windowsnetworking.com/articles-tutorials/windows-9598me/wxpwin9x.html Information from other winsock programmers indicates that this last problem is probably due to a bug in Win95's TCP/IP stack, not in Netscape.

If Dial-Up Networking is not checked, check it and click OK. What Is The Standard Irq Setting For The Realtime Clock The reason I don't recommend LMHOSTS rather than HOSTS is that sometimes LMHOSTS doesn't work; see C.30. Poor|Excellent Yes No Document Quality? However, according to John Casullo , though, the current version of the TGV TCP/IP stack itself is not compatible with Win95 -- it only runs on Windows 3.x.

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The default is 255. http://www.sevenforums.com/network-sharing/230336-networking-between-windows-7-windows-95-a.html The minimum is 16 minutes, and the maximum is approximately 50 days (0xFFFFFFFF). Windows 95 File Sharing There must be >something I haven't tried. Windows 98 Connect To Network Share http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/w...4-e8681e1327c7 Windows 7 Network File Sharing Fix | Tanner Williamson No guarantees on this working at all.

How do I set up a HOSTS file? this content The numbers should be three to a box going from left to right. Bug in NetBIOS name resolution stops LMHOSTS from working.Date: Wed, 20 Dec 1995 07:57:30 -0800 From: Rich Graves A Microsoft Knowledge Base Article had said that LMHOSTS doesn't work when I later got this reply, which is puzzling. Which Of The Following Networking Components Receives A Signal Regenerates And Sends It

Network & Sharing Windows 2000 Windows 7 networking problem.I set up a w2k machine as a print server and all my XP machines print from it just fine. All rights reserved. Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in Microsoft Windows 95. http://yellowproductions.net/windows-98/windows-me-home-networking-can-t-see-win95-shared-drives.php For Windows 95, this is defined in the "Identification" tab in the Network control panel.

A recent version should be available on all the PC software archives, for example, ftp://mirrors.aol.com/pub/cica/pc/win3/winsock/. Network Windows 98 And Windows 7 It should be possible to mount servers by typing e.g. \\, but it just isn't. Assorted DNS resolution problems.Date: Thu, 07 Dec 95 10:15:00 -0800 From: Rich Graves At this time, I believe C.4.

Default hostname resolution order (broadcast-WINS-DNS-LMHOSTS) is non-ideal for my site; how can I change it?Date: Sun, 17 Sep 95 22:30:47 -0800 From: Rich Graves I would think that the name

The default is 750. Assorted DNS resolution problems. The Microsoft Internet Explorer works around the problem, but non-Microsoft programmers have not been given information that would allow them to do the same. Win95 Network Setup Please read our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

I can't get PC/NFS working under Windows 95. Can I disable DNS for WINS resolution? This extract from the Resource Kit comes from Daniel M check over here I have Windows XP Home on my Desktop and Windows 7 on the laptop.

Click on either "TCP/IP" or "TCP/IP --> Dial-up Adapter", whichever one is listed. In Win95 this feature is on by default, and there is no check box to turn it off. RoutingPackets = 32-bit number Specifies the maximum number of packets that can be routed simultaneously. If the fields are not empty, click on "Enable DNS" and remove the items in all of the fields.

BootP is simpler and more widely used. Once KeepAliveTime has expired, keepalives are sent every KeepAliveInterval milliseconds until a response is received, up to a maximum of MaxDat a Retries before the connection is aborted. For Win95 instructions and the latest information on the 32-bit Trumpet beta, see the Trumpet FAQ, http://www.trumpet.com.au/wsk/faq/wskfaq.htm. TCP/IP configuration is a topic that is specific to each individual network – your MIS department should be familiar with TCP/IP configuration.

What arcane TCP/IP parameters can be configured? This will slow down login a bit, but your LMHOSTS resolution should work. I'm not sure which. Most say this can't be done or sharing will only work in one direction.

C.8. Will Trumpet and other Win3 TCP/IP stacks work under Win95?Date: Wed, 27 Dec 95 15:42:00 -0800 From: Rich Graves "Usually." Trumpet will, and it's significantly faster than Win95's SLIP/PPP support. The default is 50. I can't get PC/NFS working under Windows 95.Date: Thu, 18 Jan 96 20:00:00 -0800 From: Rich Graves At the polite request of Jody Jackson, who feels that no answer is

It turns out that this is what the "EnableDNS" switch in the Registry is for. any ideas? [Update 9/25/95: Eric Thomas confirms the problem on his machine, but says that the 16-bit version of WinSMTP works fine.]> [Update 9/30/95: Jack says this only happens with Can't mount servers by IP address.Date: Fri, 25 Jan 96 14:38:00 -0800 From: Rich Graves This is just an annoyance, really. DNS lookup timeout is ridiculously long.

Without it, you will probably have interrupt (IRQ) problems with your network adapter. I've got them networked by wireless dlink router (although using cables running off the ethernet ports) and they are...