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Windows 8.1 Upgrade


This is the last bit of waiting! Quite a lot of others deem it more than simply "making small issues blow out of proportion". Login or register to post comments patryric on Oct 18, 2013 Same thing here. Just follow these simple instructions. news

The average user is scared of having to stumble on solutions. Recent tweaks have included better support for high-PPI displays, and that audio and video files now open in Photo Viewer and Media Player, respectively, rather than bouncing you into Metro. It's a disaster either way -- I have a touch screen and bluetooth keyboard as backup. Games lost everything, as did Nook, Kindle, etc. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/15356/windows-8-install-update-kb-2919355

Upgrade To Windows 8.1 From Windows 7

The operating system can be purchased online as a digital download or in stores for a physical copy.Windows settings, personal files, and most apps are saved when going from Windows 8 Some of you are making it out to be a much more drastic change than it really is. At that point use the "Create Local User" option.

Please try again later. And then there are always failures like twisting display laptops back in the day. Login or register to post comments garymguk on Oct 17, 2013 It is a good idea to go back into the store after the install has finished and check for updates. Windows 8.1 Upgrade Assistant Perhaps there is an alternate solution that MS will make clear when the Update is actually out.

If people don't want to learn, you have a failed product. Windows 8.1 Upgrade To Windows 10 Next, select Settings, followed by the "Change PC settings" option, and click on Windows Update. You can barely find a system that doesn't come pre-installed with windows 8… believe me I've tried. https://www.cnet.com/how-to/how-to-upgrade-to-windows-8-1-from-earlier-versions-of-windows/ Barry Ferguson What a stupid comment.

PEOPLE: be aware of these software "professionals". Windows 8.1 Updates Login or register to post comments gmcsykes on Oct 18, 2013 One of my update out of 3 keeps failing over to "restoring your previous version of windows" about to throw In Update 1, when you close a metro app, it goes to the desktop. Ray C You're not forced.

Windows 8.1 Upgrade To Windows 10

I suggest waiting at least 30 to 40 minutes before assuming something went wrong and then restarting manually.

8 Wait While Things Are Getting Ready Applying PC Settings Screen in Windows Why? Upgrade To Windows 8.1 From Windows 7 Gurshobit Brar 8,750 views 5:11 How to Disable Windows 8 login password!! & Windows 8.1- One Free Simple Step - Duration: 2:37. Windows 8.1 Upgrade Download And what I think is laughable is that they even have to create an update, and it has to be characterized that way.

They saw so many people using tablets, so they thought the transition would be easier. http://yellowproductions.net/windows-8/win8-upgrade-problem.php TimeAgora Thanks. only uninstall the metro Calculator and so on). I eventually got it running thanks to an Nvidia driver update, but I should not have to finagle it in order to get it installed. Windows 8 Update Free Download

You could show the average person 12 different ways to do something, and if for whatever reason they can't do it the one way they're used to, they don't want to And tell me this, why do we all have to go to support groups for help? even settings are hard to get to. http://yellowproductions.net/windows-8/windows-8-14-99-upgrade.php Note how Metro apps can now be minimized to the Taskbar.Life after updating Windows 8.1If you're a mouse-and-keyboard person, you will find that the latest version of Windows 8.1 makes the Metro

I'm upgrading a Windows tablet next to see what I find. Upgrade Windows 7 To Windows 8.1 Free Download Eric Bryner Yes, same thing start screen does. I actually like Metro a lot and feel that it is extremely usable with a keyboard and mouse already (do these people not have middle scroll buttons?), I just think they

I talk a bit about Windows 8.1 licenses on my Windows 8.1 Information page, as well as in my Installing Windows 8 FAQ.

10 Configure Windows 8.1 Settings Windows 8.1 Update

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  • Thanks slartibartfast Login or register to post comments geofharries on Oct 17, 2013 Something I've yet to figure out is how to upgrade my Windows 7 installation to Windows 8.1 without
  • pureocean As a NT 5.2 user, I still waiting Windows NT 7.0.
  • I really don't understand how such a successful company can be so incompetent.
  • Then, when 8.1 started, it had renamed my only admin account name to the live.com user name.
  • Case closed.
  • If that doesn't work, try the Upgrade Now button on this page.

    Try clearing the Windows Store cache and then try again.
  • Ray C People care but this is somewhat of an Anti-Microsoft site Eric Bryner It funny how we see so many complaints, and Microsoft is just sitting back and laughing at
  • XP was never a perfect OS in the beginning but turned out to be great.

I do not care for the software store. Interesting that Microsoft is providing a bug work around in official directions to upgrade their flagship piece of software. Tig3RStyluS I think you might be onto something, perhaps its his mouse that is naff. How To Update Windows 8 To Windows 10 Peter I got another 2, that leaves 18 others Eric Bryner I got none, so that leaves me out.

Frans Says: October 24th, 2013 at 3:58 pm I did all of these steps, only I choose the option to give the code later. I hope, main idea clearly unterstood. SkyDrive is Microsoft's cloud storage technology and it's more integrated into Windows 8.1 than it was in Windows 8.

I recommend leaving the settings as they are and tapping or clicking click site I've never had a problem using after I figured out a couple features..

Thanks! All 8.1 PC's work great without touchscreen, the tablets work great with touchscreen or when i plug the mouse in and use the type2 cover (or any other keyboard i feel As predicted, Start menu still gone. Why am I still use Windows 2003 (NT 5.2)?

SonyListens 32,225 views 3:20 How to Fix Windows Update Errors - Duration: 9:55. Dan Yakov G: "SO Please don't tell people to buy a touch screen monitor to use with this disaster of a product!" Dan: "It's not a request, it's an order, go There is just so many people now a days, that love to complain, instead of just doing. a stupid decision from the top portion of the food chain there.

I am very curious as to if so many users are experiencing a faulty download/install how did these individuals who reviewed the 8.1 preview get it to install?? Cox i am also fed up of these blasterous windowss… I really want to run with latest windows … But still i’ve noo experience ’cox i am new in IT :/ I can't do nothing, even get to safe mode. Mission abort!

Middle mouse scroll + Metro = totally usable. that sounds like stupidity to me. jonzey231 They Laptops Best Laptops Under $500 For Gaming For Business For College Chromebooks CPU Guide GPU Guide Tablets Best Overall Best 2-in-1s Kids' Tablets Under $200 Samsung Tablets Longest Battery The steps after Downloading should take 15 to 45 minutes on most computers, depending on the speed of the computer.

Tip: If you need to cancel the download or installation, just

I've tried rebooting, etc. I have been trying to find out if that would be the case. Read Article Article What is Windows Update? kimmimebaby 216,426 views 5:13 How to Upgrade to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8 - Free & Easy - Windows 8.1 Update - Duration: 2:47.