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Maybe several common tasks down on Win7 with the Start button could be demonstrated and then each time comparing it to how simpler it is in Win8. How to Turn Your Windows 8.1 Lock Screen into a Slideshow

More Less COMPANY Company Info About the Site Contact Us Advertise with Us Using Our Content Licensing & Reprints This is a multimedia tutorial which uses video, pictures and written text to take you through all of the Windows 8.1 basics one stepat a time. Launch the desktop Control Panel, then choose System and Security > File History window and the System Image Backup option is down in the lower left-hand corner. 17.

From the Settings charm, choose Change PC settings > PC and devices > Lock screen. Microsoft also has a tutorial specifically for the Mail app here: windows.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows-8/mail-app-tutorial. Set a universal wallpaper   Get the feeling that your desktop backdrop would look equally fetching on the Start screen? Blog Latest Greatest Hits Dev Tool List Podcast Hanselminutes This Developer's Life Ratchet & The Geek Speaking Speaking/Videos Presentations Tips Books ASP.NET 4.5 ASP.NET MVC 4 Relationship Hacks © Copyright 2017, http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/how-to/windows/how-use-windows-81-beginners-guide-windows-81-3539192/

Learn Windows 8.1 Step By Step

Once he started using Metro IE for his browsing, he agreed with me how good it is to use by touch. You'll notice there's a Music option there to create a playlist based on the artist you've searched for, which can come in handy when you're checking out the best new band You can also install the email software of your choice, or simply use your preferred browser for web-based email. You can also send articles to the new Reading List app from the Share charm. 7.

See related:  Asus Transformer Book T100: One week in |  Asus Transformer Book T100: First impressions  |  Asus Transformer T100 is calling my name  | ASUS Transformer Prime: Perfect for business trips Learn more about using the app in this free lesson. How to Access SkyDrive Files Offline in Windows 8.1

More Less How to Use Quiet Hours to Silence Notifications When enabled, Quiet Hours ensures your notifications don't make any noise Windows 8 Tutorials Beginners Pdf Learn all about Microsoft's latest operating system.

For a less expansive, less stylised experience, disable the online component via the Settings charm > Change PC settings > Search. 20. I decided to sit down today and create three more short tutorials that all address Windows 8.1. You can configure repeating alarms, set up a countdown or run a stopwatch. http://www.laptopmag.com/windows-81-tutorials He is very familiar with Windows 7 but a total newbie with 8.1.

Using OneDrive with Windows 8 If you're using Windows 8 OneDrive is closely integrated with it. Windows 8 Users Manual Pdf Here's how. About Newsletter Sponsored By Hosting By Comments [32] Share on: Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or use the Permalink Sunday, 08 December 2013 07:02:47 UTCI really wish I could get Windows 8.1, There’s a free Starter edition, so get started now! «Human Computer Interaction Diversity - 7... | Blog Home | Penny Pinching in the Cloud: Automating ...» About Scott Scott Hanselman is

  1. How to Download and Install Windows 8.1 How to Use the Windows 8.1 Start Button Microsoft has reinstated a modified version of its Start Button in the Windows 8.1 update.
  2. Follow our step-by-step guide installing the new OS on your Windows 8 device.
  3. How to Download and Install Windows 8.1 The first thing you need to do to start using the Windows 8.1 Preview is download it to your laptop.
  4. I'm a techie but obviously not a very savvy one - I learned a lot.Robin HaySunday, 08 December 2013 09:19:02 UTCWell, I have heard that Windows 8.1 is nice operating system
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Tapping Reading List sends the article to the app which is optimized superbly for accessing content later. https://www.cnet.com/how-to/20-tips-for-windows-8-1/ How to Use Split Screen Mode in Windows 8.1

More Less How to Enable Boot to Desktop in Windows 8.1 Not a fan of staring at blinking Live Tiles every Learn Windows 8.1 Step By Step Learn more about using the app in this free lesson. Windows 8.1 For Dummies Pdf Free Download Learn more about how Windows 8 protects your computer here.

But windows 8.1 has put me right back to hating it again. Netflix to ditch star ratings All the tech you need to know includes a new Spotify deal that will limit access to select new releases, Amazon's Alexa comes to its iOS dummies Learning Made Easy Copyright © 2017 & Trademark by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Once familiar with the Metro side of Windows 8.1, moving to the desktop to learn that side of things is less jarring and easier to do given its Windows 7 roots. Windows 8.1 Training Manual Pdf

If you’re used to Windows XP, then you can probably use software that’s very similar to what you’ve usedbefore, by ignoring theWindows 8.1 apps altogether and running Windows desktop apps. Make quick calculations   Click the down arrow in the lower left-hand corner of the Start screen and you'll find the new Calculator app included in Windows 8.1. Even a person working on Windows 8.1 daily can learn something :-)I was searching for the software you used to display your keypresses on the right side of the window, but The value add was even greater when I showed him how to drag the center border between the panes to any size he wanted, and also make one app full screen

From here, you can launch Internet Explorer (or your favourite browser) to access Google and other information on the web. Windows 8.1 Step By Step Pdf This is not a Windows 8.1 tutorial by any means, rather a general guide on how to get started with the latest OS from Microsoft. The app card will flip over, at which point you can bring it back up on screen to restart the app. 13.

Drag an app from the top down to the side of the screen to dock it.

Open up File Explorer to find the newly renamed 'This PC' view, then choose View > Navigation pane > Show libraries to bring them back on the left-hand side. 8. The computer would download the 3.6 gB file and appear to go through the installation process and then just when I thought everything was OK up came a message "Windows 8.1 maybe my laptop doesn't allow to install it. Windows 8.1 Tutorial Ppt Section 8 is dedicated to helping you understand, set up and use the Windows email app.

However much MS pays you, it's not enough. It appears the second and third videos are the same and I thought you'd want to know. Learn all about using Windows 8 IE together in this free lesson. After this the Win 8.1 upgrade should go smoothly.Like James above I have Windows 8.1 running on a netbook, the only problem is windows store needs a minimum 1024x760 screen and

Very helpful for those techies and non-techies alike.Just quick note though. This will take you to a desktop environment more similar to Windows XP. If you have a 1080p display, you can even divide your screen between three apps. Edition: Asia Australia Europe India United Kingdom United States ZDNet around the globe: ZDNet Belgium ZDNet China ZDNet France ZDNet Germany ZDNet Korea ZDNet Japan Go Videos Smart City Windows 10

Right-click on the desktop taskbar, choose Properties and then open up the Navigation tab -- tick the top option under the Start screen heading to boot to the desktop (and return Personally, when you can just hit the Windows key and start typing whatever you're looking for, I can't see why anybody would want the Start button back. Here we point you in the direction of some useful tutorials that explain how to use Windows 8.1. Choose the Personalise option from the Settings charm on the Start screen and you'll see your current desktop wallpaper appear as the final option. 10.

Dock your apps   Windows 8 let you dock two apps alongside each other, but Windows 8.1 lets you arrange three, and adjust the dock sizes at the same time. Generally speaking, clicking on a paper clip will start the process of adding attachments in most email software regardless of whether you’re using Windows XP, Windows 8 or even a Mac In Windows 8 Windows 8.1 For Dummies More about This Book Author: Andy Rat... From the Settings charm, select Change PC settings and then open up the SkyDrive page -- the options here enable you to use SkyDrive as your default save location, upload photos

Customise the Start screen   If you are a fan of the Start screen, there are now more options for customising it -- you can name individual groups of shortcuts, access