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Most obviously, if you don't have Windows 8, getting your hands on the operating system via a download is much easier than buying a boxed copy.Even if you already have Windows No wonder you're confused… Guest Hundreds? VirtualMark I was just going by the price quoted on this article. Oooh, they should have saved my personal information FOR ME, BOOO HOOO.

Vista's was even better. Going To Create Media Hope Its Works.

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    Windows 8.1 Download Free Full Version 64 Bit

    Just put yourself out there and look on the other side of the fence, actually look for people who like it, and you will find them. I don't see the big hole. Danmansonman Oh, there's nothing I don't get. If you had your favourite apps pinned to the start menu, then they now get pinned to Taskbar or Start, simple as that.

    Most people we setup computers for are even surprised when we show them features that are several years old in windows, so people really are missing the boat all by themselves. version of Win 10! PLUS if you called them with your original code, they could have just issued you a new code for the whole install. >.> Due diligence. Windows 8 Download Free Full Version 32 Bit Before you begin, you should consider backing up your important files and documents, but it's not really necessary.

    As far as hearing me, you keep replying to me. Windows 8.1 Download Iso Very similar to running commands. "Cluttered" would be putting all my programs I use on the task bar. Years?

    Thats a thief, you know!

    Tim You just named two: boot and resume times are a lot faster. Windows 8.1 Pro Download I would rather have all of my programs listed in one place than have to search for then each time I want to run them, or pin them all to my No, companies aren't going to update to 8 all of a sudden, but that's not because they don't like it, it's because there's no huge point if they're already running well Click on the ‘Create media’ button to initiate the download.

    • This is all done by following my Windows 8.1 tutorial that shows the downloading of the Microsoft Media Creation Tool that does all the work for you through prompted steps.
    • And I don't want a bunch of crap pinned to my task bar.
    • If Microsoft has learned one thing, it's that by separating DirectX by Windows version, they will never make a newer version universal.
    • Most people I know, have come in contact with, or have discussed with other people aren't using one and have been able to get used to Windows 8 just fine.
    • for informative post, I know OEM product keys can be use after reinstalling your OS, As before one month, I bought a new key from ODosta Store, I use it to
    • Free direct link by Softlay.
    • Zaibe offcourse you can Miqdar M Rahma thanks anjel patel How can I activate it forever ???

    Windows 8.1 Download Iso

    Start comes in and out so fast you don't even notice it when you use it the right way. https://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msusa/en_US/cat/Windows/categoryID.62684800 never said a thing about not being able to figure out how to install windows. Windows 8.1 Download Free Full Version 64 Bit Britec09 268 728 megtekintés 8:06 How To Get Windows 7 & 8.1 Pro for FREE [able to upgrade to Windows 10] [Voice Tutorial] - Időtartam: 7:10. Windows 8.1 Download Iso 64 Bit With Crack Where did I get that?

    I've done my research, read my post above, moron. I guess you do not know the OS you advocate so well then. If it was such a terrible feature, it wouldn't have lasted 17 years, and the demand to bring it back wouldn't be so strong. I'm running Office 2010 and 2013. Windows 8 Download Free Full Version 64 Bit

    Alexander 19xx 35 879 megtekintés 7:16 DOWNLOAD WINDOWS 8.1 FREE WITH KEY 2016 - Időtartam: 4:25. stelios ch You are talking as a home user. masanam It is work fine Rupa Sahu HELLO, its show me msg when i want to installed that "the application or OS could not be loaded because a required file is MS promised us it would come automatically last August 2015.

    The first result I got back said 8 was faster than 7. Windows 8 Free Download Full Version With Key For Pc just stick with them long enough and you will eventually find that out. By "cracked" I mean that they've been changed for one reason or another and could easily contain malware.

    You keep missing this.

    If you were a mechanic, you would be telling people to take their automatic transmissions out of their new cars and put in manual gearboxes. Then Start for other apps or ‘metro' apps, or type to find. Ishmal Jutt Very informative content bro., But MS did not allow to download iso using oem key, as I just bought windows 8.1 pro product key from ODosta Store, after that Windows 8 Download Iso THINK!

    You don't know me. Don't be one of them! It's a version that's going to be skipped until something better comes along. Drakkenfyre "was a slow piece of crap way to run apps" I don't understand how the concept of three clicks is slower than clicking on a search box, and TYPING the

    The answer is Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool, a simple app that will help non-tech savvy users to install their brand new operating system with no ... 7 171 votes Windows 8 will continue to be the slowest-adopted OS by Microsoft since Windows ME, and as long as they continue with their normal "users have to adapt to us instead of Here's How Read List List Step-by-Step Instructions to Update to Windows 8.1 Read List Article Can't Figure Out How to Shut Down Windows 8? This might be useful if you need very short term access to Windows 8.1 but it's not a long term solution.Note: If you already have a Windows 8 or 8.1 disc

    For more information about product keys and when they are required, visit the FAQ page.