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Win XP - Two Main Identities In OE?

wab Opens the default Address Book, the one used by OE wab /? You can't access other Outlook folders, just the Contacts folder, and there is no support for using Shared Contacts amongst multiple OE Identities. Hi Why is My Connection Often... A good website for information on OE is: http://www.tomsterdam.com/ Alun Williams wrote: > Hello, > > I have two identites in OE.

wab /Open Shows a file dialogue to select a *.wab file wab /New Shows a file dialogue to create a new *.wab file wab Filename.wab Opens the specified *.wab file wab Here's the easiest way to create a signature for your messages: 7. Display this list of switches wab /a Opens the default Address Book in administrator mode, allowing access to all folders of all Identities. As soon as you open or preview a message with a read receipt requested, you get the dialog box shown in Figure 28-6.

OE shows you the Options dialog box with the Signatures tab displayed. 4. Click Microsoft Outlook Express 6 and click Next. To turn off sharing and revert to using a *.wab, click Tools | Options (which appears only in OE5/5.5 and only if Outlook98/2000 is installed and configured in Internet Mail Only

Click All Folders, click Next, and then click Finish. Here's how to override the setting: 1 Start Outlook Express. 2. Click the New button (at the top), click the File button (down below), and then click Browse. The next thing I know, there were pop-ups.

If you install as an upgrade and sharing is already enabled, it will remain enabled after the upgrade (or at least, it should). Since each Profile has its own WAB, which is used by all Identities within that Profile, there can be no Shared Contacts amongst the Profiles. Dealing with E-Mail Attachment Security Outlook Express 6 Service Pack 2 blocks — that is, it refuses to show you — any file attached to an inbound e-mail message with a Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?

Of course, you should never, ever, ever open or run a file attached to an e-mail message unless you know the person who sent it to you, and you know that It's a frustrating problem because each time you try to send or receive mail, you have to type in your password. On the left, choose Logon Unread Mail. 4. To disable sharing, set its value to 0.

This snarly problem has a very complex solution. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/277211-45-define-main-identity-outlook-express Download and install Tweak UI. While this is a non-destructive action, it is likely to happen sooner or later. Log on as the user who's going to be taking the copy. 6.

These receipts are yet another time-consuming pain in the neck. • Figure 28-6: The sender wants to know if you got the message. If a user starts OE and the mapped network drive is not available for any reason, OE will immediately revert to the default values and will re-write the default path to Consolidating messages helps you get rid of the vestiges of Identities — and anything that lets you minimize your exposure to Identities is A Good Thing. Making OE Wait to Send and Receive As soon as Outlook Express starts, it looks for mail.

Case in point: Whenever you send a message to someone (even if it's a reply to a message that was sent to you), the person you send the message to is At least, that's what I tell my girlfriend. Since the path to wab.exe is stored in the default Windows path, you can usually start WAB by clicking Start| Run and typing wab to open the default OE WAB. My personal predilection is to never send a receipt because I don't want to encourage people to use the blasted things!

In the past decade, Woody has written more than two dozen books, drawing an unprecedented six Computer Press Association awards and two American Business Press awards. Eliminating your old Identities and moving old data to the new Windows user accounts is considerably more complex. Woody was one of the first Microsoft Consulting Partners and is a charter member of the Microsoft Solutions Provider organization.

You can deal with read receipts in two easy ways.

It is because of the Shared Contacts folder that all Identities share a common WAB file. It's a horrendously long thing, something like C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\ {7A28F6CB-C130-4134-ACF4-5FE6209BB56B}\ Microsoft\Outlook Express. Instead of having everything lumped together in one big file and switching among users in OE, why not opt for the much simpler, cleaner, and safer approach of using multiple copies If needed, click View| Folders and Groups to see the folders.

OE shows you the Receipts tab. 2, Click the Never Send a Read Receipt radio button (or, if you must, click Always Send a Read Receipt). 3, Click OK. Justin Leonhard: Lives with his dad in Phuket, Thailand. Collected and tested by Windows guru Woody Leonhard, these timesavers are organized into groups of related tasks so you can quickly find the ones that will help you at any given To make a permanent yes-or-no decision: 7.

Setting Up Outlook Express for More Than One User If more than one person uses your PC (and Outlook Express), this section's for you. Top of page Sharing the Contacts folder in Outlook If there is no path shown in the Address Book under Help | About Address Book, that means OE is sharing the Disabling Windows Messenger Automatic Sign-In In some cases, when you start Outlook Express, it automatically kicks in MSN or Windows Messenger (assuming Messenger wasn't running already). Most people can use two or more vCards — one for business situations, the other (perhaps with directions to the house) for social situations.

Therefore the Tools | Options has been removed from OE6. Outlook Express Registry Identities Key Missing This is a discussion on Outlook Express Registry Identities Key Missing within the Windows XP Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. In this 'HKey Current User' folder is an 'Identities' folder and that has the same user id number as Id3. If you begin a new message in a standalone, you can't do anything else in the WAB until you either send the message or close it (you will be prompted to