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there is a distinct difference between ht and smp (symmetric multi-processing-multiple cpus on a mainboard). Out-sourced support never pays very well. Old school single-core processors could only process one data stream or task at a time. It is a way of having more of the CPU utilized simultaneously (FP & ALU for example).

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It's not like these are ancient machines... 2.8c's came out in early 2003, they ARE ancient machines mines in the room next to me cranking along fine.quote:Originally posted by CannotResolveSymbol:I've successfully The system will prompt you to restart so that the new settings can take effect. or, does ht actually introduce some form of parallelism, such as being able to do a memory fetch for one task while it waits for an fpu result for the other that leaves 30% of those units waiting for the next time they're needed.

Try downloading and installing Speedfan which should show two bars in it's CPU usage display if HT is enabled. by CornDude › Xigmatek Scylla 240 AIO Liquid Cooling 2X120MM PWM Fans... The large vanes on the back of the fan... Third question is also a matter of cost.

wow! - by rick c. Advanced Search Overclock.net›Forums›Software, Programming and Coding›Operating Systems›Windows›How do enable Hyper threading in XP Pro? the primary thread would have to either be the one that has the highest priority level, or the one whose time has come to execute (because even low priority tasks have http://www.echeng.com/journal/2005/05/28/enabling-hyperthreading-in-windows-xp Retrieved 2014-03-21. ^ Okin, Kenneth (November 1, 1994), United States Patent: 5361337 - Method and apparatus for rapidly switching processes in a computer system, retrieved 2016-05-24 ^ Intel explains the new

P4 2.8c (hyperthreading), 2 gb RAM. pp.2–3. but other than things like mmx and 3dnow, what new things do they do? So I imaged his XP SP3 OEM laptop and put it on his XP SP3 OEM desktop.

The biggest problem is an excel spreadsheet that is cpu-limited. https://www.cnet.com/forums/discussions/will-xp-support-hyper-threading-8959/ You'll retain most of your software (if not all), and it will fix the HAL issue. With HTT, one physical core appears as two processors to the operating system, allowing concurrent scheduling of two processes per core. it sounds like ht will work just like smp.

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Depending on the cluster configuration and, most importantly, the nature of the application running on the cluster, performance gains can vary or even be negative. Page 15". In Windows NT/2000 a hyperthreaded P4 will be recognized as two processors. each one handling a user connection, or running some internal task.

when i run sql server, it generally is using 50+ threads.

if the os didn't control things then all the processor could do would be to allocate equal time slices to each of the virtual processors (unless one was sitting at a i haven't seen that white paper before. Should an instruction from a given process block in the pipe, instructions from the other processes would continue after the pipeline drained.

Someone has been asleep!

having to change your kernel a little should not cause "complaining", but excitement. - by et to dave (9:32am est fri jan 11 2002)ht = smt

ht= hyperthreading (according to intel, Top500.org. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. How do I now get windows XP to now enable hyper-threading?

When I contol-alt-del and click the performance tab windows still shows only one CPU. I've never noticed a difference (Windows 2000 Server with a dual Xeon hyperthreaded system) but I must be honest and say that I've never ran any benchmarks to compare the difference. [email protected]@n "Minotaur Lover" Ars Legatus Legionis Tribus: oblivion Registered: Feb 17, 2001Posts: 15686 Posted: Wed Feb 24, 2010 4:19 pm quote:You absolutely must use ACPI. ++++ Hat Monster "Armed and Hammered" US patent for the technology behind hyper-threading was granted to Kenneth Okin at Sun Microsystems in November 1994.

I have read about some options that involved going into the recovery screen, but that is only for Vista. The HEP pipeline could not hold multiple instructions that belong to the same process. Windows 2000 and Linux older than 2.4).[23] In 2006, hyper-threading was criticised for energy inefficiency.[24] For example, specialist low-power CPU design company ARM stated that simultaneous multithreading (SMT) can use up It first appeared in February 2002 on Xeon server processors and in November 2002 on Pentium4 desktop CPUs.[4] Later, Intel included this technology in Itanium, Atom, and Core 'i' Series CPUs,

Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. (January 2017) This article is incomplete. If halaacpi.dll is in there already, that copy should be used instead. Expand Computer in Device Manager, right click on ACPI PC (or whatever it is now) and select Update Driver. I guess they just didn't build in support for other chipsets..?

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