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Win XP Doesn't See My Sony DCR-PC100

There is no workaround because flash white balance overrides manual white balance on these cameras. It is from a JVC camcorder user having problems with XP, but may be applicable to other makes and models. Sony said they knew of problems with XP but > had no fix. Thanks to Gavin Gration for hosting them.

C_jae quote:Originally posted by c_jae: I already posted my stats, but I have another question. i just bought a Sony MiniDV camcorder, model DCR-TRV27 and belkin firewire cables. Win XP doesn't see my Sony DCR-PC100 Discussion in 'Hardware' started by llhowj, Nov 29, 2004. Slashdot is not the place to ask. (Score:5, Informative) by stickb0y ( 260670 ) writes: on Wednesday March 24, 2004 @07:59AM (#8654583) First, I'm going to have to agree with a https://forums.techguy.org/threads/win-xp-doesnt-see-my-sony-dcr-pc100.302108/

Probably, but depending upon your camera's support for standard external flashes, it may require some persistence and some workarounds: Using a Vivitar ringflash (as slave) with a Sony DSC-F707 (More coming; The upgrade path, may of itself, introduce problems which have nothing at all to do with the camera/firewire card/nle software. Any suggestions/help gratefully received, as video/still capture was one of the main reasons for buying the PC! Lenses and Optics What is a "35mm equivalent" focal length?

Any device conflicts posted in XP(system information). Basic firewire card. In my opinion, the fees are reasonable and it is a better deal than sites than bombard you with ads and/or whittle away your property rights through weird loopholes in their The big thing that sounds like what you need though is Sony's software that comes with the camera.

Stupid me!!! To try to discover whether this is a real problem - and its scale - and to make it possible for people to upgrade to XP with some degree of certainty, What setting should I use for in-camera sharpening? http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/11704-firewire-capture-wont-work-with-sony-dcr-pc100/ What is a slave flash?

Close Box Join Tek-Tips Today! Answer questions, earn points and help others Answer questions Manuals & User Guides PDF Manual . Bob C Top June 9, 2002 - 01:14 #90 Rajuk Offline Joined: Jun 5 2002 Camera Sony DsR 250 dvcam Computer is SONY VAIO RX203 desktop edit station. What's the best photo hosting site?

It would be wonderful if the same Firewire interface could be used to stream real time video to your PC for cool machine vision applications or for direct capturing of video Bonuses After not being able to get the front port working, I put the read card back the way it was. I can't imagine them only having a couple specific models on this list. See also: Luminous Landscape's comparisons at 24mm (Canon EOS) A comparison of Canon's EF 50mm f/1.8 and EF 50mm f/1.4 Comparison of wide angle zooms including multiple modes from Canon and

Not totally. XP drivers used. Or just drag it here! If the extended warranty covers failures due to accidents or wear, and you are accident prone or have other reasons to believe that you will be very hard on your camera.

I actually used this method to record some really neat feedback video with some very interesting natural effects just by throttling the exposure control on the camera. Some other references: Official page on copyright law - Note the section on architecture. The first is that your flash may be too powerful for shots at such close range. Standard hardware and good software.

Today's spcial was an MS Windows 2000 box which had burped and done these things during the reboot following a hostname change: Forgot that it had a network cardThrew away significant Top December 22, 2001 - 15:41 #21 Alan Roberts Offline Joined: May 3 1999 Thanks John. Re:The only solution. (Score:2) by macemoneta ( 154740 ) writes: I agree.

The most widely cited place appears to be photodo, which is sadly out of date.

Color: Understanding and using color. There are several sites that offer tips on portrait photography: Portrait Photography Tips Posecards Photo.net's tips What are the most common spelling/grammar mistakes in photography? Your camera has a built in light meter, which it uses the measure the amount of light in the scene at various places. The eyeTV software checks into the site every hour and updates it's list of what you want to record.

Yes and no. Roxio customer support and software support should start reading this support forum and listening to their customers.Anyone got any bright ideas? Download 6ya 6ya.com Need repair answers fast Use 6ya to... I always thought it was the colors and the users club....

If I rarely or never used high ISO with film, why should I care about high ISO performance for digital? Do shots from digital SLRs need more postprocessing work than shots from compact cameras? If you are shooting in auto ISO, your camera may be boosting the ISO to compensate for an underpowered flash. For timer shots, many cameras, focus when you press shutter button, not when the timer goes off.

noise This word is frequently spelled incorrectly as, "noice." What are the legal issues involved in photographing strange people and places? Unfortunately, it's very expensive. I use Kino, I just plug in my camera and go to the preview screen and guess what i see what the camera is playing displayed on the computer... Boy!!!

Did you alter your bios. Depending on your horsepower this may work. It says "This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. computer monitor.

Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? It's just not possible for any company to test their software with every camcorder on the market. [email protected]

Top March 22, 2002 - 17:49 #56 mikebanks Offline Joined: Dec 28 2000 My Panasonic nvds11 works with XP home on pentium 4 with Pyro. I would love to use this product and recommend it.

As a resolution, try turning off the camcorder and power on again.