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Win98/win2kpro/winxppro Multi Boot System W/swappable Hard Drives


QtParted and GParted are two of the graphical partitioning front-ends more commonly included with Linux distributions. By default, the bootloader usually will include other options, such as booting into Linux repair mode, or the CD or floppy drive. You can easily get into a non-boot situation! Exceptions are the Windows Store Apps like Windows Store and Microsoft Edge, along with the Taskbar/Start Menu, the Taskbar/Start Menu settings screen, the Taskbar context menu, and the desktop context menu his comment is here

If anyone has some helpful advise, please post. One shot is of the recycle bins on external drive, the other shot is a screenshot of the recycle bins on my C drive on laptop.I'm logged in as Administrator because Is there a way to make it more flexible in the sense of creating a registry for it? What's preventing it from "working"? 3 more replies Relevance 40.18% Question: 3 Hard drives Hello. http://www.verycomputer.com/416_b747b2cc65119722_1.htm

You Have A Linux System With 8gb Of Ram Installed

You just run the Windows installer first and let it create the Windows partition(s) you need, but leave the rest of the hard drive "raw" or unused to leave space for So now I have installed two hard disks. Both 2 HD have Windows installed. First like always and second in adapter instead CD/DVD station.Now problem is that I totaly don't see second drive (in adapter) in BIOS and when switch on my notebook everytime is

Dismiss Notice TechSpot Forums Forums Software Windows Today's Posts Dual booting XP on 2 harddrives Byjsshackel ยท 10 replies Dec 9, 2003 Thought I'd post this in case someone else is You'll be offered several options, one of which should be to use the unused hard drive space. I even went into computer management/diskmanagement and i still dont see any other space availble on that hard drive. Dual Boot System Login now.

Voila! Can I Run Linux And Windows 10 On The Same Computer I only have an OS (WINXP) installed on my C drive (the 160 GB drive).No matter how I connect these drives (on-borad IDE or IDE controller card) my system will not Is there a way to stop certain programs from running on a computer without using third party software. Answer:Excel - Multi Row/Multi Occurence Match/Index 7 more replies Relevance 42.23% Question: Multi Partition Boot/Multi OS install Recently I reinstalled the OS on my computer.

Merely a matter of changing where each shortcut points to by clicking "Properties" for the shortcut and changing the target from C: to D: Cool. How To Dual Boot Windows 10 then all your REGISTRY-entries on D also refer to the C-drive. This utility makes it a breeze to exactly mirror it, took about an hour for a 60Gb drive. You'll obviously not have 1 optical drive hooked up for this, but its just temporary.

Can I Run Linux And Windows 10 On The Same Computer

Answer:Multi-partitioning 1 hard drive 15 more replies Relevance 45.92% Question: How to arrange multi hard disk on PC Hi there,I have 2 hard disks, 1 CD-ROM and 1 CD-RW; 2 cables, Answer:Two hard drives SSD and Hard Disk What would be the the correct way of putting all my downloaded files onto the Hard Disk?Click to expand...For future downloads specify a folder You Have A Linux System With 8gb Of Ram Installed Way cool. How To Install Linux And Windows 7 On The Same Computer I am running a 400w PSU for a P3.Am i right in saying this, if so what can i do to over come this?

After revisiting the issue recently, and wading through all the confusing info out there on the XP boot.ini lines, I found the solution. this content This happens whether you are trying to do a new clean install or a repair on an already existing installation. If not, then look for a link or button that says "Try Linux," "Run Live CD," or some such thing. Once you're sure that the bootloader recognizes all of the systems and that the options are what you want, click the button or link to "write," "save," or "commit" the bootloader For Which Of The Following Directories Should You Create Separate Partitions

When I use these same flash and external hard drives in another computer it works fine, my initial thought is, there is something disabled in my system or some program is A Moderator has Moved your thread to our Windows 7 forum as there are some things you need to know in order to rescue data you probably need and some other Hi,Windows Nt/2000 Are The Same. weblink I've read that if this is not the case, the "multi" might need to read "scsi".

You could install one harddisk with every program you want on it. How To Dual Boot Windows 7 And Ubuntu We are a charity so want to pay little or nothing for this. OK so here is what I am trying to do, but i have run into some issues and not sure where to go next.

The second slot is where my two hard drives are plugged in.

Please try the request again. Then temporarily make the second harddisk a slave and 'clone' the first harddisk onto the second one. Click Here to Visit the KTC Online Computer Parts Store This is the full version. Dual Os But before making your purchase, we ask that you at least check our store to comparison shop.

I am logged in as the administrator and there is not even another user account on the computerI?ve run sfc /scannowI?m absolutely stumped. Running my newer main hard drive on the first mainboard IDE connection and the CD-ROM drive on the second. and also the one with the most instructions !!What I would like to do is install a new drive, say 20 GB then copy some of the stuff off the old check over here I can go into bios and it shows that it recognizes both hard drives.

Answer:multi hard drive Your post is somewhat difficult to understand. Some do not have this option. 3 more replies Relevance 47.56% Question: All Flash Drives & External Hard Drives NOT ACCESSIBLE? I have a EVO SSD Drive (250G) and a 1 TB hard drive. Both need to be attached to the same IDE-cable.

This used to be a problem for me, until I realized that it always picked the drive attached to the lowest-numbered SATA port.What I suggest you try is connect the caddy Its great that you can do whatever U like, test, overload, etc, without feearing of crashes or viruses and whatever... :hotouch: Jul 27, 2005 #6 cardpopper TS Rookie go to Since I had just recently mirror copied the new drive to the old drive, everything on the desktop looked identical. I had an 80GB Vertex2 SSD scavanged from another system and thus I hatched my new partition scheme to use it.Long story short is that after multiple trials I came to