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Will Doing A Clean Install Of Windows Xp Create A Windows.old Folder?


Windows XP is now loading for the first time. Next, add your IDs and passwords. Click the Install Now button. Get geeky trivia, fun facts, and much more. have a peek here

Installed apps are not transferred. The intended purpose is to store your old files and settings just in case you either need to reinstall the previous version of Windows or need to recover important files and Just enter a string of garbage or type the word 'None' to satisfy the requirement something be entered. GuardID Systems offers a product called ID Vault that is supposed to be a secure way to store your IDs and passwords — for a small price.

Restore Windows.old Windows 10

I spoke with a Microsoft technician specializing in Windows Update. No user intervention is necessary.

Note: The Setup will complete in approximately: time estimation on the left is based on the number of tasks that the Windows XP setup process has left to complete, There is no simple solution for this. There is no equivalent screen when initiating the installation of Windows 7 from inside Windows XP Fig. 11B The option to go online and get updates is presented.

I used to have Vista Business 32 bit. To make this change, the installer would need to be substantially modified, which would take a significant amount of time. You can easily select the wrong drive or partition and wipe out data you wanted to keep. Windows.old Folder Windows 7 If you can't see the Cancel button don't worry.

Be careful not to remove partitions that you may be using as this will remove all data from those partitions permanently.

11 Choose a Partition Size Windows XP Clean Install - There is no equivalent screen when initiating the installation of Windows 7 from inside Windows XP Fig. 7A The main [Install Windows] screen. In Vista, the option to bypass entering the product key right away at the beginning of the installation was introduced. Fig. 24A Fig. 24B I remain a huge proponent of not giving away the keys to the update kingdom by giving anyone the right to update your system without you giving

The instructions that came with your hard drive or computer should include this information.

For most of you, though, this step can be ignored.

4 Press ENTER to Set Up Windows XP How To Recover Deleted Windows.old Folder You can do that later when you know Windows 7 works on your PC. (You must enter the product key and activate Windows 7 within 30 days of installation; Windows 7 Before you panic lets first look if the Windows.old folder was created.  If its there, open the Documents and Settings folder, look in your old account folder, in my case its I have a routine that I follow — one that I developed over the years.

How To Restore Windows.old Files

Fig. 5A This screen is just to let you know Windows files are being loaded and provide visual confirmation the system hasn't locked up or frozen. Click Next. Restore Windows.old Windows 10 Take advantage of it to test, modify, and possibly even reinstall the operating system if necessary. Restore Windows.old Windows 8 For more information about installing Windows on a RAID system see Want Speed and Data Safety?

Copy your backed-up files and settings from your portable hard drive back onto your old PC. navigate here This is a very important step to ensure that your new Windows XP installation is secure and up to date.

Show Full Article List How to Repair the Most Serious Windows Click Next when the format has finished and Windows 7 begins installing itself on your old Windows XP drive. More info at Microsoft Security Bulletin Advance Notification Important Information The Elder Geek sites contain many articles and suggestions for modifying the Windows operating system. How To Restore Programs From Windows Old

You can still yell at me, but I assume no responsibility for your actions and use of the information and disclaim any legal responsibility for any consequences of such actions. If you aren't using Previous Versions, you should be, especially if you are a programmer. For example, I had a Micron Millenium PC that had an atapi.sys patch that had to be installed immediately after installing Windows. http://yellowproductions.net/how-to/windows-7-folder-sharing.php I don't recommend you do this over dial-up.

This step isn’t necessary, but it helps you identify the correct drive a few steps later. How To Restore A Computer To A Previous Windows Installation After You Install Windows 10 I found your website very informative and have bookmarked it. If you reinstalled Windows in a folder with an existing installation of Windows, you should decide what to do with the Windows.old folder.

Click Start, open Computer > open the C:\ drive, open the Windows.old in the search box, type the following extension: .dbx You will now see multiple files with the extension .dbx

Then click the Start button, choose My Computer, right-click your DVD drive and choose Explore to find the Support folder that contains the Migwiz folder. Truth is, it did appear, but compare Fig. 18A to Fig. 17B and you'll see when booting from the DVD you have the option to modify partitions. Do a full format of the logical drive/partition that will be your new system partition so that you will have a clean Vista-ready partition. How To Recover Windows.old Folder You will notice that by holding the shift key we have unlocked a whole bunch of hidden items in the context menu, so you can go ahead and send the files

Fig. 18A The question has been asked, why didn't the notice in Fig. 18B appear on the installation started by booting from the DVD? How you install SP1, your modem drivers, anti-virus, malware, firewall etc. (items 9.a - 9.e below) depends on which method you choose. Unfortunately, the Activation feature may also hassle you if you change a lot of parts in your computer, forcing you to call Microsoft and explain the situation. this contact form This is not to suggest that you should skip reading the agreement though!

The majority of users are more comfortable starting an operating system installation from inside Windows rather than booting from the DVD which often times requires changes be made to the boot Unfortunately, the advice given states you can't upgrade from XP to Windows 7 and suggests you visit a website to learn about Windows Easy Transfer. You can reload the apps you use the most and load additional apps when needed or load a full list of apps up front. Or, make up new names, if you prefer.

There is no equivalent screen when initiating the installation of Windows 7 from inside Windows XP Fig. 20B Way back in Fig. 7A in the Booting from Win 7 DVD scenario When Windows 7 returns to the screen, type in your same user account name and computer name you did on your Windows XP PC. Click Next > when complete.

In the next window (not shown), enter the Windows XP product key. Read next: Can you delete $Windows.~BT & $Windows.~WS folders after Windows 10 upgrade?

Choose Rename, type in XP, and press Enter. RubickOct 31, 2009, 2:26 AM I just did a full, clean install of Windows 7 on a brand-new/formatted hard drive, and still a Windows.old directory was created - but totally empty.Any Service packs As of October 2008, the latest service packs are SP3 for XP and SP1 for Vista. Confirm this password in the Confirm password: text box.

Click Next > when complete.

20 Set the Date and Time Windows XP Clean Install - Step 20 of 34.

Related Resources solved With a "windows.old" folder created, do I still benefit from a "clean" install? No harm done, I guess, since I got the 64 bit system like I wanted, the main reason behind getting Win 7 in the first place. P.S. Fig. 17A Select the disk and partition where Windows 7 will be installed.

The installation can be started from inside the existing Windows XP installation. That's just plain idiocy. This will tell Windows XP that the automatic resolution changes it made in the previous step were successful.

If you can clearly read the text in the window, click OK.

If you can not read the Even that's a faux difference because you can use an upgrade version to do a full clean install even if you never have had a system with XP or any other

Method Two Firewall Application Blocking Windows Update 9.a Install anti-virus, anti-virus definitions, malware, and firewall9.b Install modem drivers and set up network connection9.c Run Windows Update 9.e Create Restore Point Comodo Firewall I have authored tutorials about this, but factors exist that might prevent persons from utilizing system imaging. I don't understand, was this supposed to happen with a clean install? If you aren't running RAID, you should not need to identify any Storage controllers.